Thursday, June 21, 2007

let's go to the movies

Came home last nite in time to catch the top ten of the 10th anniversary AFI Top 100 Films. Top 2? The Godfather at number 2 and Citizen Kane at number 1. Can't say I disagree. Dear husband of course, was muttering from number ten onward that if Godfather wasn't on the list the AFI people were idiots. I don't think there's a guy I've ever known who doesn't jones over The Godfather. "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli," and all those other lines. And okay, I'll admit it - it's one of those movies I absolutely never get bored with - never tired of watching.

My personal list is a little less esoteric, of course. I also never get tired of watching Legally Blonde. Never get tired of weeping over The Way We Were or Ordinary People or Rudy. In fact, for a rather mildly athletic person, I'm a true sucker for sports movies. Yup, from Brian's Song (the original made for tv one with James Caan (oops, back to Godfather again) as Brian Piccolo) to the aforementioned Rudy to Breaking Away or the first couple Rocky movies or Remember the Titans or even the recent Invincible, I fall for those films every single time.

If I had to pick, I'd probably pick a weepy film over a funny one. I'm one of those weird folks who rarely cry at the appropriate moments. Probably cause I was such a cry baby when I was a kid. So now I just, well, don't. But give me a sad movie and I'm rummaging through packs of kleenex like a crazy woman.

But in honor of film number one, Orson Welles' tour de force Citizen Kane, I'll leave you with one last word. Yeah, you know it, don't you?

Til next time.


BK said...

Forest Gump is my favorite movie followed by Pricess Bride and Big Fish. Did not like the books though.

Joy said...

How could I forget Princess Bride? I LOVE Princess Bride. As you wisssssshhhhhhhhhh... and rodents of unusual size.

Eva said...

Legally Blonde? You, too?
Now I know why we're friends!

"You got into Harvard?"

"Why, is it hard?"

Kim said...

I knew I liked you for a reason.