Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guilty pleasures part 2

Didn't think I'd write more about this topic today, but then, last night, there was "Age of Love." Yes, folks, the show that pits 20 something women against 40 something women, all vying for the affections of a hunky 30 year old Aussie.

Like a car wreck - or news about Paris or Britney- once you start watching, you just can't stop. Because you gotta love a show that shows the 20 somethings waiting til it's their turn to meet the guy... and they're all taking turns with a hula hoop. (quote: "Oooh, it's cold on my belly) While the 40 somethings wait... and one puts on reading glasses to do what I think was a cross stitch project. Someone else cleaned the kitchen area.

But all I have to say is that no matter whether you're 26 or 46, having to rappel down the side of a building in order to win someone's affections (which was last night's "date") is humiliating. End of story.

Til next time.

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