Friday, June 15, 2007

When's enough enough?

So I counted the other day. And discovered that there are seven - yes SEVEN- Starbucks within a five mile radius of our house here in prime suburbia in Houston. Okay, not all of them are free standing. There's the one in Barnes and Noble. And one's in Kroger's. But seven? I kept re-counting (in that crazy anal OCDish way that is a trademark of my father's side of the father who once wrote the people at Britannica that they'd made a mistake on something fairly big and they sent him a free set of encyclopedias back there in the dark ages of my childhood when everyone really cared- at least in my family- if info was accurate and didn't just take Wikipedia's word for it, but whatever) and still came up with seven.

And you know, I 've been to them all. Seriously. Me. Who didn't even like coffee for years and years. Thought it tasted like dishwater or something. Preferred tea. Or water or soda or juice or anything that wasn't coffee.

So was it that first flirty little frapaccino? The froth on the lattes? The cheap little cafe au laits? The iced cafe con leche? The cups with those sleeves? Some secret chemical that makes me yearn for those cute little packets of raw sugar and the possibilities of soy milk even if soy milk so doesn't taste like milk and so absolutely would be something I wouldn't drink even in the desert island scenario.

But even so. Seven? Seven?

Til next time.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean you want to stop at Starbucks for a latte??
With love, Andrew

Becki said...

I don't like Starbucks. Their coffee is bitter. So I thought I would "treat" my clients to Starbucks.I bought that coffee through my approved Staples office supply order. I figured everyone likes Starbux right? WRONG! All my clients are older. They did not grow up on SBUX, they grew up on Maryland Club or Sanka. So after that order of Starbux I never ordered again. But I do like one you said..I LOVE the Raw Sugar. So I order an Iced something decaf and put in like 8 packets of that raw sugar. YUUUUUUMMMMM! Best coffee shop that Starbux ruined? The Chock Full of Nuts stores in NY.

Anonymous said...

In the River Oaks (of Houston) shopping center at Shepherd and West Gray, there are two SBUX across the street from each other (and owned by the same guy.) Word is, in the reconfiguring of the shopping center, they're moving out the three Brothers Bakery and putting in another SBUX. No word on who the owner is. that would be three within 100 yards of each other.


Joy said...

Yes, comedian Lewis Black calls that corner in River Oaks "the end of the world. There seriously is nothing like sitting at one Starbucks while looking at another across the street!