Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So what does an author do while waiting to hear if her book is going to sell? Honestly, I have no idea what anyone else does. But as for me -

I've bargained with the powers that be. Checked my email so many times a day that I'm starting to get that same dirty, depressed feeling I get in Vegas when I pump 20 bucks into a slot machine and don't win a dime. Seriously. I am the world's worst gambler. But I digress.

I've stopped calling certain friends because I KNOW they will ask the question. You know. THE QUESTION. "Heard yet?" Or worse, something along the lines of "When's your book going to be out?" Because if they ask it, I get to mentally kick myself for ever mentioning it in the first place, which I didn't for the longest time and then did and well... you get the point.

And I'm wondering if this has all been the best way to start my spanking brand new blog. Could have talked about how I'm reading Daniel Pinkwater's The Education of Robert Nifkin and have absolutely fallen in love with Daniel Pinkwater. Why didn't anyone tell me about him?

Could have talked about the G8 summit. Or how really, really, really thin Amy Winehouse has gotten. Or Rob and Big's new mini horse. Or how I'm trying to find the cash to go to the SCBWI LA conference in August.

All for another time.
Until then...


Beck said...

When you book does come out, we already have two copies reserved at Barnes and Noble! But you better sign them!

Jackie said...

Who knew that there was so much red tape to write your opinion on a blog? Joy, while you're waiting, you could contemplate all the blessings you have in your life...a fulfilling job, a loving husband, a great kid, OR you could make a few margaritas and call the rest of us over. ;) I won't ever ask the dreaded question, but I would like to know when something "happens." When are you coming back to Dallas?

Eva said...

How neat! You're my first friend to have a blog, that I know of, anyway. How very digital of you!

I think I'd love this time (waiting). I liken it to an easy pregnancy (yes, I've heard there are some). And no, there hasn't been a pregnancy you don't know about. All the delicious anticipation of the baby (book) without the responsibilities. The analogy unravels though: you've completed the labor already. Never mind.

LindaBudz said...

Ah, yes, the Question.

Once in a weak moment, in an effort to make conversation, I mentioned my yet unpub'd novel to my physical therapist, whom I was seeing twice a week.

You guessed it, every appointment from then on, she'd ask, "Is your book out yet?"


Anyway, I LIKED your first post. Welcome to blogging!