Wednesday, July 11, 2007

balancing act

Somedays the balancing act is harder to do. Somedays not. If you have more than one role you play in life, you know what I mean. Writer, teacher, wife, mother, friend... the list is endless.

One thing that pulls at me in the summer that I wish didn't, is school. It drives me batty that a fairly huge segment of the American public thinks that teachers don't work during the summer. Hah! All those great lessons, all those new stories and books, new projects and writing ideas? Summer homework. For us. Have two meetings coming up in the next week with various colleagues. Have done workshops and will do more. Some years I take college classes. All to hone my craft.

Same with writing. When you write, you always write. Even when I'm not at the computer, I write in my head. Hey, sometimes I even find myself narrating what I'm doing. Or composing how I'd write about what I'm doing. Especially when I'm in the middle of a project (or two or three or four), I find it hard to turn it off. The muse works her own hours, and I just have to hop up when she pulls me by the hair. (Old Muse has been doing that a lot lately. Thank goodness)

But tomorrow, if the sunshine holds, I've got a date with the swimming pool. And a pile of magazines. And a very good friend. And gobs of sunblock since it hasn't been sunny here in like, forever, so I'm not exactly sunshine ready.

Til next time.

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