Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two for Tuesday

Just a quickie today. Have working lunch with school colleague and want to write before I go. So two things for today:

1. Yes, I have watched one episode of I'm Scott Baio, I'm 45 and I'm Single on VH1. Yes, I will watch more. Watch it yourself before you totally judge me on this one. (and know that one of my YA author heroes, Sarah Dessen, is watching it too!) Yup, old Charles in Charge/Chachi is trying to find out why he's still single. So he's got to ask all his old girlfriends to be honest with him. And boy, have they been honest. Yes, I know reality shows are contrived. But still... Check it out.

2. YA author Gail Giles is hysterically funny. In one of those twists of fate that frequently occur in my world, I ended up giving her ride to an SCBWI speaking event. She did not even scream when I cut across six lanes of traffic to get to our exit on the tollway. If you haven't read any of Gail's books, go to the store or library today and remedy that. I've read two so far - Shattering Glass and Playing in Traffic. Very dark, both. Grab you and don't let go. My kind of reads. Gail calls it like she sees it and she's fearless in what she puts down on the page.

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

You convinced me to try a double feature - both Scott Baio and Gail Giles! KYM