Monday, July 16, 2007

Sage advice

Watched a new show last night. Since it was on Lifetime, I watched it alone. Husband has a theory that he will suck in estrogen if he watches anything on Lifetime or WE. But whatever. Side Order of Life was not bad. Okay, it's not totally original or anything, but not bad. Reminded me a little of the short lived Wonderfalls. MC sees things, hears things that no one else does. But the premise still grabbed me.

Because the MC's best friend is dying of cancer. And she tells her this at lunch when they're ordering. Dying best pal tells her soon to be married friend that the bridesmaid dress she's stuck wearing is hideous. Then she orders lunch - sinfully rich chocolate dessert first, she tells the waitress. Then bring me a cheeseburger with bacon, avacado, fries - the whole thing. Waitress smiles. She's been waiting years to hear someone order that way. MC orders Asian salad. Dressing on side. Dying pal hollers at her - Don't. Don't put the dressing on the side. Eat it now. You only get one life. Don't order it on the side.

Metaphor is thusly set. Live your life NOW. Don't wait. Don't do it half way. Don't assume you'll be here when you're whatever age to travel or eat or go to the movies. Eat the damn Thousand Island dressing once in a while if that's what you want.

I won't say more here. We all know too many stories of people - ourselves included - who did otherwise at some point and missed something glorious because we thought we were too young, too old, too broke, too busy.

That being said, I'm going to work my hind end off today to finish revisions. While that may seem like putting life on hold to some, it's not to me. It's my biggest dream ever and I'm not letting it go til I get it right.

Tomorrow the Acme safe may fall on my head. Today I'm telling my story for all I'm worth.

Til next time.


Anonymous said...

As the young folks say: You go, girl!


PS I'm afraid to scroll down!
I have a date on Friday to see the movie (3D IMAX, natch) and go to a book release party. Like a spa day for nerds.

So, until then, I'll be sitting at home with my fingers in my ears. ;)

Joy said...

Spa day for nerds! Too funny. heh! And HP in 3D IMAX? Yikes! I'll wait anxiously for your own review when you've seen it.