Tuesday, July 31, 2007

so what's in your cart?

Okay, I'll admit it. I peek in people's grocery carts when I'm standing in line waiting to check out. At least until I get close enough so I can read a copy of National Enquirer or something else of equal literary status. (actually got in a discussion last week with the man behind me - initiated by him about Rachael Ray's current weight status. We both agreed that we all have bad days and luckily the papparazzi didn't hover around us in Kroger's waiting to see us put two apple fritters in a bag)

But back to the carts. I can't help myself. I always look and I always wonder. I mean seriously, twelve cans of cat food and a box of twinkies? What does this tell me? Do I want to know?

Figured today, I'd wonder about myself for ya. Giant sized Quaker Oatmeal, a bottle of calcium pills, a twelve pack of Coke Zero, twenty four pack of Ozarka water bottles, a birthday card, box of Cheerios, three for a buck Hershey dark chocolate bars, and the People mag with Lindsay Lohan (poor Linds!) on the cover.

Tis a sad commentary, I would say. Sad, sad, sad. I feel much boring shame from this cart.

But the real question is - will the benefits of the oatmeal and the calcium outweigh the dangers of the carmel coloring in the coke? Or the toxic effects of looking at Lindsay's mug shot?

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. Somehow I feel superior with my NO MEAT in the basket contents. I feel superior that I have "organics" in my basket. I feel superior that I have Chock Full of Nuts coffee in the cart, cause only I know it is the best coffee in the world! I look down on people who have a cart of diet products and food and are HUGE. I look down on people that buy diet drinks,espcially if they contain Aspertame. I cringe when I see non kosher foods in the cart.
So yes..I look...I peep...and am so pathetic to get a joy out of it.
beck K

Anonymous said...

I more often feel envy for the people. Wine and cheese. (Someone's got a date!) Colorful and impossibly cheerfully decorated birthday cake. (What fun someone's going to have this afternoon!)
A bouquet of flowers among a nicely balanced week's worth of groceries. (Someone is in a very good place in her life.)

I also have experienced such a sad feeling for someone in front of me on one Thanksgiving. I was picking up a last-minute item for the friend who was hosting the dinner and the man in front of me was purchasing a frozen turkey t.v. dinner. I felt so lucky to have a great place to go.

Anonymous said...

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