Monday, December 3, 2007

The Great Title search and other random stuff

So I do believe I have found a title for the WIP. At least I've typed the new one in the header that appears on the top of each page. Gonna try it out for awhile and see how it goes. Actually, I'm working on the chapter about midway through where title becomes significant in a more obvious way. It will be (in theory) be significant in every way, but this is sort of the title's defining moment. So I suppose I've stumbled upon it none too soon.

Played hookey and watch Heroes just now. Am I the only one who wishes they'd stop bellowing "You killed my brother..." and "You killed my father"? The cadence simply reminds too much of Princess Bride. 'My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Actually the intent of the line is exactly the same. Leaving me wondering if they actually mean to steal the riff from PB or if it's unintentional aping on the part of the writers.

Thoughts, anyone?

Til next time...


Kim said...

Have not seen one episode of Heroes - LOVED The Princess Bride.

Happy Hannukah!!!

Anonymous said...

Princess Bride is the best. I also haven't seen a single episode of Heroes. (I know ... I'll go surrender my geek card at the kiosk.)

Did you catch the Firefly shoutout in "Chuck vs the Crown Vic" on Monday? Shiny, indeed.

Happy Chanukah.