Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, doc confirmed it. I've got the flu. Flu positive. That's me. Nurse stuck a swabby stick up both my nostrils ("Whoa. Don't back up mama. I have to push this way up there.") Came back a few seconds later with the jolly news. Physician's assistant kept asking - didn't you feel really really feverish? Sort of, I told her. Skin achy. Some fever. What was it when you took it? And at this point I simply couldn't admit that we no longer own a working thermometer and the only one I could find was an old rectal one and there was simply no fever in the world that was going to make me attempt that. When I feel better, I guess I need to procure a temp taking device. But on the upside, the p.a. did say that I probably have a very mild case since I am exposed to multiple germs every day working in a public high school and thus have a hardy immune system. (This does not make me any less likely to feel like scouring my hands after each class period of hackers and sneezers dances around me but whatever. I guess you guys have made me on tough flu gal)

I am now enjoying the world of day time television. Although 1-2 PM seems a down time in the programming. Rachael Ray will come on at 2PM. Yay! The rerun of season one ep of 7th Heaven was sufficiently treacly for my weakened state. Ellen was okay, but I think I dozed mostly and then made some tomato soup and then she had a guy on talking about the Dao (or maybe it was the Dow - I am fluish so it's hard to say) And I'm edging toward page 600 of Sweet Far Thing.

Okay, time to snooze before perky Rachael and the Dr. Phil.

Til next time...


Kim said...

Poor baby. Didn't you get a flu shot? I wish I was there to bring you some chicken soup. Get better!! You'll be here soon. :)

Anonymous said...

No I didn't get a flu shot. I NEVER get a flu shot because I never get the flu. Seriously, I think the last time I had the real flu, W's dad was still president. Sinus infections,yes. Stomach virus, on occasion. Flu, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Flu is terrible. Daytime TV just adds insult to injury. Thank goodness for DVDs. :)

We miss you on the internets and hope you're feeling better soon.