Tuesday, January 29, 2008

every day things

Writing with some classes today about every day events. You know - the ones that don't shift the earth on its axis or anything but still make us gleeful. Since I try to write with them when we write, I pondered this one on paper for thirty minutes or so, which means I'm behind on my grading now.

So what makes me leap off the new leather furniture with wacky joy? Amongst others: having a new book to read; when the husband actually toasted me a waffle and cut me half a banana today for breakfast which he truly never does on a week day and made me giddy with thankfulness because I was running late; eating lunch out with my buddies; getting a text message from college graduate son that says he loves me; realizing there's a new epsiode of a favorite show (guess that one's on hold for a long while now unless I count Anthony Bourdain on Travel Channel, such as last night's ep where he was in Crete and they skinned a goat right there on camera and I gagged); any opportunity to eat cold spring rolls.

Any every day event that gets you all grinning?

Til next time...


Kim said...

1. When the Metro arrives JUST as I'm coming down the escalator.
2. E-mail from Amanda
3. Kisses from Molly

Anonymous said...

I grin when:

1. My daughters do their chores without grumbling. Yay!

2. My daughter Karly makes me an extra special Chai tea with whipped cream and a swirl of honey on top.

3. When there's a new episode of Project Runway on.

4. When there's no goat-skinning on the program I'm watching. :) KYM

Anonymous said...

Are u watching Rock of Love 2? Please say yes! Beck

PS..Daniel is reading what we call around here: "the Dick"

( as in Moby)