Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random stuff for a Sunday morning

1. Flipping through TV guide to see how sparse the new episodes are getting and what do I spy for later this week? Scott Baio 46! Cause the whole I'm single and 45 thing just wasn't enough. Dare I say that I might have to succumb?
2. Husband has been in Tempe with the new college graduate while new college graduate gets settled in house share. I've been fretting over what one of my critique group pals is thinking of novel 2 as she reads for me. Also 1/5 ( I know this because she's divided it into 5 acts!) of Libba Bray's A Sweet Far Thing. And yes... spoiler coming..... Kartik has returned. Good for you Kartik. (Funny bit, by the way on Libba Bray's web site - video chat with her and Maureen Johnson.)
3. After writing non stop for so long, it feels weird to not actually be in the middle of a story. Thought I'd give myself a break. Clearly, I don't want one.
4. Did I say I'm fretting? Obsessing. Brooding. Really.
5. Ran into one of my favorite English dept. colleagues at the mall yesterday. Sat outside at a table at Panera and ate lunch and chatted for a LONG TIME. While in line for our Pick 2's, we ran into a student we both have. Freaks the poor things out (yes, you guys if you're reading this because I know some of you are!) when their teachers appear - Together! Talking about books! - in the same line to buy food at the mall (They go to the mall? Really? Crazy!) as they are. Yes, we know you don't like to have your worlds collide like this. We know it unnerves you, poor things. Makes you wonder where else we might be hiding. Get over it. Seriously.
6. I allowed the perky girl at the Benefits counter to talk me into a 6 pack of lip gloss. Colors look good. But there's this teensy bit of uber sweet bubble gummy fragrance when you first open the tube. Which tells me I have purchased lip gloss that while glossing my lips into kissable perfection is probably aimed at a demographic that does not include me.
7. Waiting on more Spark news. Promise, promise, that I will post more on that journey soon. Really. I. Promise.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

The entire purpose of the existence of lip gloss is to smell like something that makes you smile.


Kim said...

My new obsession is Burt's Bees lip gloss. Heaven!!

Anonymous said...

We used to go to gay bars to dance, and not get picked up! Of course we had ake ID's. So there I am dancing to Dead or Alive or Blancmange and there is my history teacher! The one I HATE! The one that failed me. The one I tried to file a grievance on. He knows I HATE him!. But then he comes over and starts dancing with us! lol..we went and bought him a rose. He looked just like Snoop Dog and we liked each other for the next two years of school!