Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In which the journalism kids ask me questions

Got interviewed today by the intrepid reporters of our school newspaper. You guys rock! They want to run an article about me and SPARK, so they came, pads and pens in hand, to ask their questions. And they'd done their homework too - which was quite cool. They'd been on the ABLA website so they knew about the agency and super agent Michelle. They poked around on my blog and fledgling website. And had a lovely list of questions which I duly answered as best I could. Best of all, they were really, really excited for me, which made me really excited.

And then, because I was still at work and still had three classes left, I took my ten minutes to eat my peanut butter and Ritz crackers and banana and then went back to teach poetry analysis and methods of persuasion. That'll knock me down a few pegs back to the real world. Well, as real as you get in a job where you've just been told it is now mandatory for everyone to participate in the come as your favorite super hero pep rally in a couple of weeks. Maybe I will appear as the non-costumed rebellious super hero.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Superhero, huh? Why not go as Buffy? ;)


Anonymous said...

Just what I was probably thinking... although... stakes... classroom... maybe not such a good mix for me! (even if it was for dear Buff)