Monday, September 19, 2011

How Magneto Got His Hat and other Monday Thoughts

Finally got to see X Men First Class this weekend, and yes, I agree - it's the best X Men movie yet. Because my mind works in mysterious ways, I did, however, find myself mentally drafting a picture book: How Magneto Got His Hat. Clever, right? I hear you shouting oh, yes, Joy.

Am on a Sourcebooks Fire readathon (while carefully not bending the spines!) of YA books that I'll be giving as prizes next month when I teach a teen writer's workshop at South Montgomery County Library right here in the northern burbs of Houston. Am currently alternating reading Geoff Herbach's Stupid Fast and Julia Mayer's Eyes in the Mirror. I kinda like doing that - alternating realistic fiction with paranormal. More on both of these soon.

Writing, writing, writing this week. The Sweet Dead Life is almost done. Today I'm revising, tidying up... probably will be doing that all week. I find this is when I always want to cling to a manuscript like it's a child I just can't bear to send off to school. Anyone else have trouble letting go of a book once it's time to press send?

And very excited to see the ever fab Cynthia Leitich Smith when she visits Blue Willow this coming Thursday night! Love Cyn! Love Blue Willow!

Happy, happy to see some well deserved Emmys go to Kyle Chandler and the writers of my beloved FNL!

And oh my, four RHONY fired for the new season! Jill, Kelly, Alex and Cindy are going bye bye. Oh the tacky drama. Oh the guilty pleasure.


Cynthia Leitich Smith said...

I'd seriously love to see that Magneto picture book! Thanks for the shout out! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Joy Preble said...

I know, right? Best picture book idea ever. I call dibs. Also I claim: 6 Degrees of Evil Kevin Bacon; It's Not Easy Being Blue But it's Better than Being a Beast; Reading People's Minds and other Annoying Habits;and the historical fiction: That'll Teach You to Misplace a Third Reich Coin.

And yes, looking forward to Thursday! Maybe I'll wear a hat!