Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's up Wednesday

Lame title. Best I can do.
In brief order:

  • The final book of the Dreaming Anastasia trilogy, AGAIN and AGAIN, has a release season! Fall 2012 and you will find out what finally happens with Anne, Ethan and the gang. Lots of romance. Some time travel. More Baba Yaga. More rusalka terror. An old baddie in a new form. And kissing. Lots of kissing. Squeee!!

  • Reading Ilsa J. Bick's ASHES. Holy dystopian cannibal/zombies/what's up with the dogs/is that a cult I smell, Batman!! Excited that Ms. Bick herself will be at Blue Willow tonight!

  • Writing, writing, writing. So much writing I am doing these days.

  • Choosing a new laptop. Have sniffed the Apple KoolAid and now it seems the debate is Mac Pro vs. Mac Air. Feel free to advise.

  • Still doing happy dance about The Sweet Dead Life. (see previous post)

  • Preparing talks for two women's groups on topic of "Following Your Dream" Cheers to that!

  • Crossroads Blog Tour 2 is coming soon!! Stay tuned! So. Excited!!

  • Thank you to Sheri Larsen of Writer's Ally for hosting me the past two days! There's a signed Haunted giveaway... Check it out here

  • A few weeks ago I managed to snag tickets for Adele!!

  • So I watched the new SMG show Ringer last night. Am not totally hooked, but will watch again. Cause Sarah talking to Sarah? Gotta see how this turns out!

What's up with you this Wednesday?

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