Thursday, September 27, 2007

changing your expectations

Everyone's changing on tonight's Grey's Anatomy. (slight spoiler alert...)George is starting over; Christina is learning that Burke is gone (clearly she hasn't been watching Entertainment Tonight and every tabloid in the land, but oops, I guess that's real life not the show...); Meredith is deciding whether to deal with her sister; McDreamy and McSteamy whether or not to be friends; Izzy whether or not she can be someone other than the dreamer she really is... the list goes on.


Makes my heart beat a little too fast sometimes. But I guess I've always embraced it. I think I like the rush of it. The not knowing. Even if sometimes it makes me want to hide under the covers eating Crispix and Twizzlers.

Lots in the air right now. Some I'm liking. Some I don't. Some changes I need to make but am dragging my heels. Some are in the works and taking their own sweet time. Some change takes patience.

I lack it.

Sometimes I think we change because we're afraid of standing still. In the world of education, too often things change because everyone is just too busy looking for the next best thing and no one is willing to nurture the old. A lot gets lost that way, methinks. We end up with the old sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Change. The balance between standing still too long and moving too much.

Til next time...

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Kim said...

Change is good!!! It makes you look at things differently. Makes you actually SEE. Change is good!!!