Sunday, September 23, 2007

Let's go WIP!

I am finally rocking my way through a fuller first draft of my newer WIP. Been wandering around the plot for weeks now. Researching... pulling at threads of ideas. Writing and deleting. Playing with characters. And finally, tonight... plot points are flying at me out of the ether. Guess all that putzing around finally stuck. Yay!!

Sometimes my first drafts leap out fully grown like -who was it? Athena? - from Zeus's head. This one is eeking out in a sort of summary form. Plot points, snippets of dialogue and the general gist of things. I love the dialogue snippets best. Ah those voices in my head... Good voices. Be nice to Joy. She is typing as fast as she can. Really. I promise. And she also graded three sets of short answer quizzes on To Kill a Mockingbird. That'll squeeze the creative juices out of anyone. Still she persevered. (although she's now speaking of herself in third person which certainly doesn't bode well...and wondering if anyone has ever used the word bode in a sentence other than one in which things did not bode well??)

And that's about all I'm saying for now. Ms. Muse will punish me if I blabber. And possibly make the television go blank when I'm all ready tomorrow night for the season premiere of Heroes. Wouldn't want that to happen.

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

Daniel's final on Scarlet letter is today and 'good morrow... He has to write an essay on How Hyster evolved. Ok..I admit...I am so lame to admit this..I took advantage of my kid to see Gary Oldham semi/mostly nekid for a few secs. and rented the "new" Scarlett Letter . We debated if Ashton Kutcher was Daniel's age and studying the Scarlet Letter when Demi Moore made it.
We made said kid close his eyes on all the nudie scenes cause we are still prudie. But since you mentioned Mocking Greg Peck was HOT!!!!!

you know...BK