Monday, September 10, 2007

oh those little meerkats

Thanks to those who have suggested I watch Meerkat Manor. Not of course that I really have time to add something new to the schedule. Not with two WIP's, some impending revisions, 157 students (yes you read that correctly) and all the other things that I won't bore anyone with listing.

But okay, I got sucked in. The tale Len and Squiggy. No one - I mean NO ONE - told me that this was nature in the raw. One baby carried off by a hawk, the other left behind because he just couldn't keep up. Other than the day of poor Steve Erwin's demise, I don't think I'm generally sniffling while watching Animal Planet. And then there's poor Mozart. Female meerkat, just trying to be the dominant female. (I feel your pain Mozart. So does everyone other chicka in the workplace. But I digress) So Mozart gives birth. Comes up out of the burrow to eat so she can nurse the babies. And the wanna be dominant female ( who happens to be the lookout for the meerkat clan) sneaks in and - good God - eats the babies. Yes eats them. And all that's left is a foot.

Yes indeedy - it's just like department politics. But like I say, I digress.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

I am the hugest MM fan, no thanks to my daughter Adriel!She sucked me into that for two seasons now. HOW funny are the commercials for it? The song..."oops I did it again" and the screen titles...I'm pregnant...etc..rofl! And "I'm bringing Sexy back" and it is Mitch!

Oh the Len and Squiggy episode had me weeping like a fool. And the episode in which Carlos dies was TOO sad...

I send Adriel text messages at work while I watch..."Houdini is a hound dog" "Flower is a whore"...

But I love that show...I often think...would I wtach a show that followed Rats or Possums? The meerkats seem sort of like rodents...I am sure rats are nice moms...but I don't think I would watch Rat Ranch.



Anonymous said...

hee hee///I think I got Jeff into it too!