Monday, September 24, 2007

Feels like fall

So okay, it doesn't really feel like fall. Still close to 90 degrees most days. But still... I think it's just in my blood or something. In Chicago, by October, there's a nip in the air some days. A smell of the cold to come. Here there's just the whiff of humidity and mold - same as always.

But still... I'm contemplating baking banana bread this week. Bought the super secret ingredient. (all right, it's sour cream; makes it oh so moist and yummy) I've plotted out the fall shows I want to watch. (Heroes tonight. Bones tomorrow. Gonna record (cause yes, we're too cheap for tivo when we still have a breathing VCR and some tapes...) Reaper. And then there's Grey's... and okay The Hills, although that's almost over. I figure if I'm working full time, writing the books, reading other books and generally living the clean life (well, as clean as it gets for me, anyway) I can have my tv. Even if I have to record it all and watch it after the fact. Can't give up my Meerkat Manor!

Now if only it would get cool enough so I could wear my rocking black high heeled boots without my calves sweating.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Dancing with the Stars lost out on our Tivo thing to Heros, Journeyman,Prison Break, The War, The Pickup Artist...

Dang finale of shows are this week, Pick Up Artist and Rock o' Love ( what SKANKS!!!)

fyi saw sneek 1st episode of Journeyman on a Blockbuster is awesome.

But I am STILL hooked and loving this season's Survivorman. I DON'T like Man vs Wild..lame show.

you need to get you some snazzy cheap boots with fabric liners and stretch . Leather tops don't fit over my calves and cankles anymore.

I'll do anything not to wear PANTYHOSE!!!

Hope your Yontiff was awesome!!!! Ours was AMAZING! Went to Chabad and listened to the MOST awesome sermon about NOT looking down on once a year jews and how stupid it is to require tix to pray.

bk,rk you know

Anonymous said...

One word: Chuck
Why? Adam Baldwin

(Nick pauses the tv to say, "Stop yelling "Jayne" every time he comes on the show. I can't hear the dialog." Hee.)