Sunday, September 30, 2007

so how wild is it?

Went for a great birthday dinner last night to Benjy's, one of my favorite restaurants. Good food, good company, good pomegranate cosmo. (okay, yeah, me likey the fruity drinks sometimes. Get over it) And I love the recitation of the off menu specials. Like dinner theater, honestly. Luckily for our waiter, I did not have that second pomegranate cosmo, or the recitation would have gone like this:

Waiter: Our second special is a wild salmon, served on a bed of micro greens with a basalmic something, something reduction and teeny side vegetables grown by blind Tibetan nuns living on a collective farm north of Austin where they also make tangy goat cheese and grow grapes for a Cabernet that has hints of chocolate and a good head.

Me: So how wild is the salmon exactly? Just a little wild? Or did it have a really bad rep? Swimming downstream all the time? Asking the sturgeon how their eggs are? Posting drunken pictures on Facebook? Seriously, Jonathan, how freakin' wild was it?

Til next time...


Kim said...

Crap! I forgot it was your birthday. I would have sent you a card. Well, Happy Birthday!!! I thought of you yesterday when I was at the National Book Festival. I actually met Jodi Picoult and Joan Nathan (of Jewish cookbook fame). The whole event is awesome. Next year?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Jodi Picoult and Joan Nathan! We're headed to Texas Book Festival in a few weeks. Sightings possible of Kinky Friedman, YA author Neal Shusterman,Carl Bernstein, a tribute to the late, great Molly Ivins,lots of others,and possibly even.. sigh... Jenna Bush,now a children's book author.

Anonymous said...

where is Benji? have you tried Tapia Beck