Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Francheezie

So I don't know. Maybe it's the holiday time. Maybe it's having so much to do trying to finish a book. Maybe it's school with endless and senseless and mind numbing benchmark testing that is sucking the soul out of education. Maybe it's all of those things or none of them. But I've been waxing nostalgic once again over Chicago foods I miss. Actually, I think this all started because two years ago I ordered Lou Malnati to go pizza for husband's birthday and the Taste of Chicago catalogues keep a'coming. I like to peruse them while I'm eating my perfectly healthy bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

But whatever it is, my tired brain happened upon the francheezie. Okay, so the francheezie is the ultimate of bad for you food that I used to adore from my childhood when no one actually had heard about sodium counts or nitrates or foods that will kill you if you even look at them. (yes, that last part is supposed to be hyperbolic. Go ahead. Eat that piece of cheesecake if you must or that latke or whatever)

But back to the francheezie. Take an all beef hot dog. Split it down the middle. Stuff it with gooey American cheese. Wrap it in bacon. ( yes, you read correctly) Fry it up. Put it on a poppy seed bun. Serve with crispy french fries and a side of coleslaw. And if you were me, add a chocolate phosphate to drink. Phosphates are choc syprup and seltzer, basically. No redeeming value other than yum. Okay, even back then I think we all knew this just had to be bad for you. But hey, the "diet plate" included a hamburger patty, so what did we know? I loved those things. Every restaurant seemed to have them on the menu. I'd imagine no one does anymore.

Shouldn't they? Wouldn't that be awesome? A side of the menu for the devil may care crowd. Francheezies and cheese fries and monte cristo sandwiches(I've never eaten the latter, but as Rory or maybe Lorelai commented in a Gilmore ep, it's nice to have it on there as an option), and bricks of onion rings and all that crap that's really bad for you but let's face it makes life worth living once in a while.

All things in moderation. Even the bad ones.

If you're celebrating Chanukah, let the light spread. If you're getting ready for Christmas, sprinkle some more tinstle.

And go ahead, eat that cookie.

Til next time...

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