Saturday, December 22, 2007

happy happy joy joy

Waiting for our pizza. Family game night tonight. Yes, we are total geeks. When kid is home we have game night once in a while. Play some Trivial Pursuit or Scene It. I kick ass on books and entertainment. I suck at sports questions. I can remember every tv ep. I've ever seen. And trust me, I love tv, so that's a lot of wasted brain hours.

Bake banana bread. Cleaned the house. Brave Sam's Club for stuff for next week's graduation party.

Holiday spirit. Yup.

So... Sweeney Todd. Boy oh boy is it gory! But Johnny. Depp. Captain Jack with razors. Edward Scissorhands giving people shaves. Teensy, tinsy cameo by Anthony Stewart Head (son and I screaming quietly to each other "It's Giles!! Rupert Giles!!! Wait. Where did he go??? Why was he only on screen for three seconds. Giles!! Come back" ) Lots o' spurting blood. Gobs and gobs. Seriously, we were supposed to go out for lunch afterwards and coversation went like this: So.. where do you want to go?
Son: Hamburgers?
Me: Ack
Me: Too red
Son: Chinese?
Me: Maybe... but only if I can get vegies and rice. Aren't you gagging?
Son: No

The football gang came over last night. One was rather lovelorn and wanted to TALK about it. Finally, he occupied himself by alternately spinning a large wooden dreidel and eating the scripture mints a student had given me. (What can I say? We're an odd household) I looked over after awhile.
Me: What are you doing?
Lovelorn Football guy: Gave up smoking so once in a while I dip.
Me: Ugh
LLFG: (spits brown juice into an empty Ozarka bottle)
Me: Why the hell are you doing that while sitting on my new leather furniture?
LLFG: Sorry. I'll pour it out. (goes to sink)
Me: NO!! @@@ Pour it down the toilet.
LLFG: (shuffles off; pours; flushes; comes back and eats four more scripture mints then goes outside and calls the girl again)

As always, you just can't make this stuff up!!

Til next time...

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