Sunday, December 23, 2007

musical heaven

Yes, I know I have yet to post another part of the Spark journey. Sort of keeping it to myself so it continues to feel all shiny and new. Soon, though.

It's been musical heaven around her. Sweeney Todd on Friday. And this afternoon, the off Broadway production of "Altar Boyz" - mildly cute, okay a bit sacchrine, story of a five boy band (4 Christians, one Jew) on their soul saving mission. Was our annual family event where we add the kid and the mother in law to our December theater outing of our subscription package. Went rather well, except that when we changed tickets so we could be a party of four rather than two, we ended up in the first row. Stages theater in Houston is a wonderfully intimate theater. I love it. But if you are in the first row, you are basically on stage with the actors. "We're sooooo close," son whispered to me while mother in law fiddled in purse for cough drop and kleenex. "We're so close" I thought, when one of the actors finished his solo by placing his hand on my knee. Yup. My. Knee.

Then tonight we watched "Once." Irish indie film. Score/songs by Irish band, The Frames. "I don't know you/but I love you" Oh! Romantic. Story between the notes. Loved it. Watched it with the kid and one of yesterdays' football friends. No, not the lovelorn one. Watching a romantic musical with the testosterone crowd means moments like this:

Me: Oh. Look Aer Lingus. When you go to Ireland (kid is planning a trip to Europe) maybe you'll fly Aer Lingus.
Football friend: Aer Lingus. Heh.
Me: Shut up. Seriously.
FF: (Rolls eyes and thinks Aer Lingus) Seriously. I know this is what he was doing.

Still working on meeting my end of year deadline for first draft of novel two. Still thinking I'll make it. Gee, no pressure on that one...

Til next time...


Ashley said...

Love Altar Boyz. Glad you had fun. It's a great show.

Anonymous said...

sigh....on a few St. Paricks days ago, we bought tickets to see The Boy From Oz. 1. We were so close to stage that I could see Hugh Jackman's amazing eyes. 2. We waited in the snow to see him backstage, we did and he said hi to Josh. .Being texan did realize that St Pattys day in NY is INSANE! It was awesome!
And it was AWESOME to SEE you today! beck