Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Almost New Year

And where the heck did 2007 go? Let's see if I can recap briefly:
  • Spark revisions
  • Repeat above
  • Spark submissions
  • Spark sale and contract negotiations

Yes, it takes that long. Yes, it is totally worth it when you're finally done.

  • Two final semesters of college for the kid
  • Semester early graduation!
  • Subsequent celebrations including a wonderful gathering yesterday afternoon

Yes, he did it! Yes, it was worth it!

  • A number of trips out to Tempe
  • A rip roaring trip to Vegas
  • A wedding in Chicago
  • Various Texas road trips

All quite memorable, each in its own way.

And in the in between times, family joys and sorrows. Death of a beloved aunt on one side. Adoption of a long awaited child on the other side. Another baby almost here. Some health scares for people we love. Some really fine books, movies and even some rocking tv. (Harry Potter 7, Jenny Downham's Before I Die, and Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely- are 3 books that come to mind immediately. Juno comes to mind for movies cause I just saw it and LOVED it. And my new guilty pleasure Gossip Girl (the OC goes to the Upper East Side) is my tv pick for today.)

And for me in particular, the roller coaster ride of a life time. When I set out to write a novel, I had absolutely no idea what that would really mean in the long run. I just knew I had a story that I wanted to tell. I did not know that not only would it evolve, but so would I. It's an evolution that's still ongoing, so I plan on keeping you posted. Next comes revisions with my editor Lyron Bennett at the wonderful independent publisher Sourcebooks. And after that, well, like I say, I'll let you know.

Tonight, we'll celebrate. Right now, I'm working. Wednesday I'm back at school. Somewhere in the next week, I hope to finally wrap up novel 2 and send it off. Somewhere next week I'll post more about the ongoing Spark journey.

And next time I throw a party, would someone please, please, tell me that just because the double ginormous pack of mustard at Sam's is only $3, it is so not worth it. And that 72 mini yeast rolls for 50 people is about 30 rolls too many if you're also serving other stuff. (and that's not counting the other 20 rolls I bought and froze) Also, if you place dips and chips on the stovetop under that outdated enormous wooden exhaust hood, unsuspecting guests get the bonus of a mini concussion each time they go for the dip. (Ooh, hummus. Thwack!)

Til next year...


Anonymous said...

Just remember that the mustard has 0 carbs!! ;)


Anonymous said...

It will comfort me during the twelve years it will take us to use up all this mustard.