Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware the Ides of March

Okay, so only English major geeks would be aware that today is the Ides of March. But 'tis so. Thus - beware. Especially if you're name is Julius. Or Caesar. Yup. Beware. I'm just sayin'.

And in other news, I had my first phone conversation yesterday with my Sourcebooks editor, the delightful and funny Lyron Bennett. We set the stage for the revision work that is to come as SPARK marches its way towards Fall '09. Let me just say, Lyron rocks! I am a very lucky girl. And as always on this journey - humbled and honored and crazy excited.

If you're on the academic schedule and it's Spring Break for you, be careful out there! If you haven't seen a Spring Break since college, well, have a good week anyway. St. Patty's Day on one end, Easter, if that's what you celebrate, on the other. And hopefully some good, non Idesy days in between.

Til next time...

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