Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Wednesday Musings

So it's Wednesday - which btw, was one of my favorite words to spell in elementary school because for whatever dimwitted reason I loved telling myself Wed-nes- day, like it was some crazy secret. ( was sort of fond of Feb-ru-ary, too, but whatever)

Texas state legislature has dictated that this year each student in each grade, along with their teachers, participate in a bus safety drill. I missed the first one because of son's graduation. But today, I got the honor of sitting on the dirty bus floor and hopping out the back along with my Creative Writing class third period. And let me repeat - every kid, in every school, on a bus, gassed up with close to $4 a gallon diesel fuel, manned by a paid bus driver, twice a year. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars, folks, and that probably doesn't count the video we watched. Or the educational time missed. Or the man hours planning the thing. Now husband, who was uncharacteristically positive about this, muttered the platitude about if it saves one life, then it was worth it. I might buy that with one drill a year. Two drills... well, not quite so much. Any thoughts out there?

Other random thoughts:

What's the deal with all these governors and their wacky sex scandals? Wouldn't ya think they'd have caught on by now that they're going to get caught? And that the public isn't going to view this in any particularly positive light? I mean, come on, people. Get a clue!!

WIP's are coming along. Adding some scenes; expanding at least one character's role. Still having fun with it.

Counting down to Spring Break.

Lots of my guy students have discovered Laurie Halse Anderson's Twisted and they're loving it. If you've not read this one yet, go grab yourself a copy and dig in. She's really nailed the voice of her male MC and she's captured boy world, at least according to my guy readers. (and I'm really paying attention since my full first draft WIP is a guy world book and I'm hoping I've nailed it, too)

Off to critique group. Then 25 book reviews to read and grade. Then I plan on staying up and zoning with the last of season one of FNL. I'm close to the end and it's worth giving up sleep for.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

So funny about how you loved whispering words out loud. I loved saying non-chal-ant-ly, slipping it into a conversation in a very nonchalant way. :)

Can't wait for Spring Break, and would love to finish my revisions on another story I'm working on for Michelle. Good luck on working on your male MC - I bet all your time with your class really helps to nail the voice!

You mean people actually watch what the governor does? Like he's a public figure? Too funny! KYM

Joy said...

KYM - You know, it does help, I think. And it helps to have a boy child and all his pals lumbering around the house day and night. (or at least they do when they're around which is less often with that whole pesky college thing they all insisted on ! hehe.

Good luck with the revisions. It always seems to come together eventually!

Kim said...

You mean your students actually read books that you recommend? I'm impressed.