Sunday, March 2, 2008


No - not stages of life. Stages Reperatory Theater in Houston. Just came back from seeing Lady by Craig Wright. Fascinating little three character play that uses the war in Iraq as a catalyst for revelations among three middle age guys who've been friends since childhood. Sad, poignant... worth seeing if it comes your way.

I love Stages because it is a small venue, very intimate. The same guy is always behind the counter before the show and at intermission. He brews his own pots of coffee. Sells Hershey bars for a dollar! The way it should be, darn it. Unlike when we went to see Spamalot (yes, I loved it, but that's not today's point) and you had to sell your first born for a tiny plastic cup of Coke. And I love Stages because they take risks, stage shows that the bigger theaters aren't showing. (Not that I have anything against seeing Arsenic and Old Lace or Jersey Boys, but they're sure things. Whereas the one man "I Am My Own Wife" or an all male version of Romeo and Juliet are less certain... )

Anyway -Stages, you guys rock!

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Josh and I went and saw Alter Boyz. It was amazing, a real professional show. Josh just asked me yesterday when we can go to Stages again.
FYI: awesome Italian place on West Gray/Romanos we found when we went to Stages. Jeff says Pizza is as good as NY. Bex

Anonymous said...

Now, if the pizza was as good as Chicago, that would be something! j/k.