Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is it break time yet?

Spring Break is on its way... but not soon enough. The entire world seems to need one. Wouldn't that be wonderful, folks? If the entire world took a healing spring break? Just all went to the beach together or perhaps skiing if you're into snow, or perhaps to one gigantic dude ranch in the Texas Hill Country. A morning ride, a little Cowboy breakfast, some nap time, another ride, happy hour, dinner, karaoke and sing along. (Personally, I recommend the Mayan Ranch in Bandera, but I'm not sure even the enormous Hicks clan could handle the entire world, although if anyone could do it, it would be the fantabulous Hicks family and I seriously recommend their fine establishment) And maybe everyone would stop shooting and blowing each other up and just do a few tequila shots together and maybe sing some Def Leppard off key or maybe a little country. And for just a few days, no one would do anything but smile. No kid would die in a drive by or in a market in Iraq and no one would blow up students studying in Jerusalem, and even all the presidential candidates would just hang out at the pool and tell jokes and eat nachos and knock back a couple beers together. We'd drop the labels, drop the banners and signs, and stop telling each other how to live. And we'd all take a breath and just be.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

Til next time...


kymbrunner said...

World Break. Yeah, that'd be nice.

Oh another note, I'll be happy to have my own spring break, coming up in only two weeks! Yay ~ can't wait. I just hope we FINALLY get some springtime weather in Chicago. NO MORE SNOW. Ack! KYM

Anonymous said...

That would be grand. Sign me up. :)


Joy said...


Heard you got even more snow! You know, I still have distinct memories of not being able to get to NU my freshman year (I was a commuter) because we had an April Fool's Day blizzard. Ah, Chicago winters! But this has been a particularly brutal one, I know...

Beth - Have signed you up for World Spring Break. 'Tis a lovely concept, no?

Anonymous said...

That would be lovely. But, in the meantime you'll have to settle for D.C. in time to catch the cherry blossoms!!