Sunday, March 9, 2008

One hundred posts!

When I started this blog back in June, SPARK had not yet sold. I was still feeling my way around what in the world I had to talk about in this forum. Yet to be college graduate son was staying in Phoenix for his internship and I was missing having him home. And I was waffling ridiculously about the money to attend the national SCBWI.

So now... well, kid has graduated. Still in Phoenix. SPARK has sold. I've had time for other projects, one of which has made through a full first draft. Another full semester and a half of school has come and gone. Bunch o' holidays. The requisite good, bad, and ugly of living. Births, deaths, weddings, a couple of engagements - my friends and family have been through the whole gamut! Even the crazy Texas Two Step caucuses on Primary Day. And I've gone ahead and bought a plane ticket to LA for August!! Yay! Yes, even before the registration forms are available. National SCBWI, here I come. No more waffling for Joy. No sirree.

And as for me, well, maybe, just maybe, I feel like more of a professional in this writing biz. A little less newbie, a little more seasoned. But still amazed and awed that I get to do what I love and that next year someone else will be able to find my words on a bookshelf. Crazy amazing.

Til next time...

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