Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reading List

I'm in the middle of Cecil Castellucci's Beige and have to say I'm enjoying it. Plunks you and the MC Katy in the middle of aging punk rocker scene in LA. Katy's parents are both recovering addicts. Both love her very much. But dad hasn't been much of a parent lately and now he's getting his chance. Whether Katy is going to really reconnect with "The Rat" and break out of her "beige" ways, I've yet to discover although I'm feeling a happy ending coming on. But happy or not, Castellucci has written another winner as far as I'm concerned.

On the not so happy end of the scale, just saw "Othello" at The Alley Theater. Actor James Black scared the pee out of me with his ultra evil Iago. This guy is bad. Baaaaad. Leather pants and boots bad.

As I've mentioned here before, I am quite the bad guy girl, to be honest. Iago, though, is a puzzle to me because I don't ever really understand why he's bad. But he's so slimy that it sucks me in anyway. But the bad guy always fascinates. Evil Angel in Season 2 of Buffy will always be one of my favorites. One moment of perfect happiness and the pesky returned soul from the gypsy curse goes poof, the leather pants appear and wacky mayhem ensues. I never tire of those episodes.

Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. Delightfully slimy. But not all bad, I would say. There are some feelings in that bad boy.

FNL's Tim Riggins wants to be the bad boy... but oh Tim Riggins. We can't get enough of you. Ever.

Of course there's always unredeemably bad. Javier whats his name's character in No Country for Old Men. Yikes! Definitely Iago bad. But at least he's got a clear "I want the money" motiviation. And the worst hairdo I've seen in awhile.

The Hills' Spencer Pratt, for example. Sorry, Spence; you may not be homicidal maniac Iago bad, but I'm just not feeling any sympathy for you, pal.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention every character played by James Spader during his 80's teen movie phase. Baaaad.

Anyone feel like posting their favorite bad guys?

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Dexter -- the perfect combination of geek and serial killer.

Spike -- no discussion of bad boys is complete without Spike (before he got that pesky soul and got all nicey-nice and kind of prissy)


Joy said...

Yes, Spike. How could I forget Spike? Dear old William the Bloody. Definitely on my bad boy list. But you're right, he did get kinda prissy at the end.

Anonymous said...

And we forgot Jayne.... the man they call Jayne.

What is it about the bad boys!?!


Joy said...

It must be something, since I know I've posted some about them before. That look. Those leather pants. The smoldering eyes. Yup. It's something. But they can't be all bad. For me, I've got to have ones that I figure I could somehow redeem...

Anonymous said...

You are sooo on target with the whole bad guy attraction. Every time you mentioned one of them, I was like, "Yeah, him!" And yeah, I'm glad Heidi told creepy, possessive Spencer to go take a hike.

Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs was a spectacularly chilling bad guy, but not in a sexy way. Every time he said, "Hello, Clarice," it'd send chills, but I found him so fascinating.