Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost May... and a little T.S. Eliot while I'm at it

Goodbye April. Goodbye all that mixing memory with desire stuff. Good old T.S. Eliot and I share a September 26th birthday, btw. Eliot's right about April, I think. It's such a tease - even here where sometimes February chill just leaps into heat and humidity and never does give us a spring. But April. You can taste summer, but not quite. The calendar fills up with obligations til June. Your brain spins. And all you want to do is ignore it all, but you can't. So you measure out those days with coffee spoons. Eliot was right about that, too, crazy old coot. Although perhaps now we might say measure out our days with Starbucks sleeves. Okay, not as eloquent or memorable.

Who can tell I'm procrastinating from that final stack of research papers?

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

Methinks grading research papers needs mucho coffee! Good luck with getting it done without too big of a headache!

On another note, have you considered cross-posting your posts on LJ? We have quite an active community over there, and once people "friend" you (which is simple and painless), you show up on their daily blogroll and you get quite a lot of traffic to your blog! Hope you consider it as we'd love to have you! KYM