Monday, April 21, 2008

Micro magic!

So we finally acquired a new microwave, all black and shiny and with many, many exciting settings. Just so you understand - the microwave we just schlepped out to the garage so we can recycle it somewhere into old microwave heaven is the same microwave I used to heat baby bottles in. I have not had a baby living in this house for quite a while. But the microwave was obviously made of sturdy stuff and kept on ticking, although clearly not as efficiently as it probably should have. (honestly I don't want to think about all those stray microwaves...)

But the new one! It has a button marked potato. Tonight, I put in a raw potato and pressed the button. It did its thing for however many minutes it decided it needed. And ding! Perfect potato. Seriously. This potato was amazing. How is this possible? How did my little microwave know? It's obviously smarter than I am, that's for certain.

Welcome to the fold, little micro magic machine. I don't understand how the picture gets in the television. I'm iffy on how the words get into my laptop. Couldn't tell ya how my email lets me attach stuff. And I'm ashamed of my Rock of Love habit. But my microwave rocks!

And in other news... Gossip Girl is back. 'Twas me, the couch, my blanket and tea and cookies and an hour of trashy bliss. Blair. Jenny. Serena. Nate. And oh that bad boy Chuck. And dialogue to kill for:
Lily: Take your dirty package off my table.
Chuck: If I had a dime for every time someone told me that...

(actually the dime amount may be wrong. I was laughing too hard to really hear once I saw where the joke was going)

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

Our famil is so addicted to ROL that we were SAD for Brett and that he found love. We need ROL3!
We are so lame..I actually asked Marty Michaels at Seder if Brett could be Jewish!? You know maybe Brett is related to Michaels family?

I have given up on Hells Kitchen. used to lovethe show, but am tired of all the scripted meaness.

Trying to watch only shows that make me I stopped watching Mystery Diagnosis as I was sure I had every disease on the show.