Sunday, April 6, 2008

If it's Sunday I must be stressing

I try not to stress on Sundays, but I'm a miserable failure at it. Especially now that I've added working on at least two book projects to my to do list. And especially since every Saturday I tell myself I'll hurl out of bed at 7AM and get at it - it being grading papers and writing lots of wonderful pages that actually make sense - and then end up sleeping late, drinking coffee, noodling around on the computer and reading the Sunday papers, all of which make me feel great, but then I remember - oh crap, I didn't do what I was supposed to and there comes Mr. Stress again.

At which point I promptly either go walking or convince husband we should go for breakfast/brunch/whatever we can manage to find without an incredible amount of effort.

So if you read this, send me a telepathic reminder that I promised myself a finished new first chapter of the WIP because after I read Michelle's notes I actually came up with some really good ideas. (once I got done with the stressing stuff) And that I'm supposed to grade 3 sets of Caesar scene re-writes. And write two scholarship recs. And plan some lessons. And clean the bathrooms. And cook some meals for the week so we're not always eating cereal for dinner. And return at least three emails and phone calls I've been ignoring.

And don't worry. I'll do most of it. But I'll still be stressing.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Ok enough with cereal for dinner! Girl get yourself a Crock Pot! And check out the book, semi homemade meals CrockPot by Sandra Lee. My kind of during the week cooking. Add 5 ingredients, turn on..leave. get home, nice hot meal is ready.

Whta am I stresses about...a biggie...will I finally STOP with the the "no beans" at Pesach yet? For years I have been trying to figure..How can I make green bean bread? I can't..How can I make bread out of soy sauce?

Planted GOBS of seedless cukes today!

Anonymous said...

oops above coment was from Becki

Becki said...

Oh and since I read you every day, I added your link onto mine:
Look at it today and see Adriel's dog and her boyfriends dog. BK

Anonymous said...

Cereal for dinner is fine. It's full of vitamins and fiber, so who cares!?! We have breakfast for dinner every Weds night. The kidlets love it and complain bitterly if we forget and make dinner food.


Becki said...

Beth too cute! My old kidlets love to make my moms old standby, cut up hot dogs and scrambled eggs! I make hash browns too and we have breakfast for dinner every so often too!
ow if I start making :campbelled eggs, I am really officially OLD!