Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May madness

If you're a parent or a teacher or both, you always know it's May. May fills up. Every day there's something - final tests, final papers, banquets, graduations, something. I always joke that I'm really not that nice of a person to have this many committments lined up like little soldiers on my calendar. But still they keep on comin'.

On the revision front, I'm doing the dance of joy! (personalized reference and also ancient Angel reference all rolled into one!) The edgy new opening has passed approval. Life is good. Rest of draft two of WIP can forge on.

Started into Melissa Marr's Ink Exchange which I have absolutely no time to read but will probably finish in the next couple of days because Leslie's story is haunting and compelling and I cannot wait to get back to it.

Likewise with my wonderful Mother's Day gift from husband - Season 2 of Friday Night Lights. I had (as I've mentioned here before) cut myself off from watching when it was actually on because the WIP (the one revised above) is in part a football story and I didn't need someone else's plot lines to leech into my brain. And then of course, when I could watch, the season was basically over and I had to wait for the release to catch up. And let me say, just as amazingly compelling. Truly the best show not nearly enough people were watching. Go out. Buy those DVD's or rent them. You will not be sorry.

Til next time...

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