Saturday, May 24, 2008

When ideas come

Lately, it seems my best writing ideas pop into my brain when I am least able to take the time to flesh them out. I'm in the middle of getting ready to go somewhere, or I'm in class, or for whatever reason otherwise occupied. (as opposed to those moments where I sit down at the computer and then - nothing. Birds chirping) But anyway, the result is a trail of paper scraps all over my house so that eventually, when I get the time, I've at least jotted down the opening phrase or the basic idea, or something that will clue me in later when the muse is no longer striking but I finally have time to actually work. Only here's the thing - I have simply got to force myself to write legibly. I still can't figure out one word I scrawled on the back of something this morning. I get this gist of what I was going for, but it looks like a great word, only I've nary a clue what it is. Possibly witless. Maybe ruthless. Maybe it's butless, which isn't even a word but is as good a guess as the others. Useless? Sigh... I truly cannot read what I've written on the back of some tiny memo pad from Hyatt Place, wherever that was/is but I'm thinking is somewhere husband stayed in Dallas during a recent business trip.

Anyone have any better plan for how you jot down ideas when you're on the run?

Til next time...

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Becki said...

Scan that word as a .jpeg and post it. People like me who have had to read my boss's horrible writing, or someone who worked for Dr. etc may be able to decipher for you!

Does your cell have the "record a memo" ? Mine allows for like 6 little recordings so I do that sometimes.