Monday, May 26, 2008

Still revising

  • Still revising/re-writing.
  • In awe of agent Michelle, who swore to me that there was more between MC and his former girlfriend than I had suspected. She was right. Crazy amazing how she can do that. And then I have to lie and say I knew it all the time.
  • Have been to a baby shower, a birthday happy hour, a quick drink with friends who were in the area for a graduation, a Memorial Day Sunday cook out, an impromptu drinks and dinner with neighbors and their visiting grandson, the very handsome and dapper Nathan Paul, and a birthday dinner for a dear friend.
  • Have gift shopped and groceried and even vacuumed and laundried. (I'm making up those verbs as I go along people. Just accept it and move on.)
  • Almost through a set of Ender's Game essays. Have one more set to go and then that IS IT for the year. Wahooooooo!!!! As usual, it's a mixed bag. Some killer analysis. Some boring plot summary. Some confused rambling. Get it together folks.
  • Defrosting chicken and burgers for tonights cookout a duex. (meaning, just husband and me and then cooked food for freezing so we can make it through the next two weeks til I'm done with school and am only working one job and not two)
  • Bought a plane ticket to visit high school best friend I haven't seen in over 10 years who now lives in Portland, OR. I am very excited.

Okay, back to plowing through the grading. It is always sooooo hard to focus this time of the year. Especially this year.

Til next time...

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