Saturday, May 17, 2008


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Okay, so it's been years since I treated myself to a manicure. Pedis I do regularly because I obviously walk like a truck driver or something and my feet are always cranky and cracked and anyway, once you start having them, you realize how incapable you really are of getting your toenails to look like that and then you're simply hooked. But manicures? Haven't had one in years and honestly I think that one was the only one. For all intents and purposes (and a little bit of revisionist history), I was a manicure virgin. And spa manicure? Never. I either did it myself (okay, I'm feeling bad about the virgin analogy now but seriously, get your minds out of the gutter) or went without because I'm a nail picker and they never get too long.

But son - dear boy - decided I needed one for Mother's Day. Popped for an eyebrow waxing, too, something else I haven't done since, well, I think since before the kid who just gifted me with all this was born. And let me say - an hour and half of heaven. Mani included an arm and hand massage. Kim of Dionysys Spa has one strong pair of hands. The blood is now flowing again! My nails look healthy. My hands feeling happy. And I think I'll be going again. Ditto with the eyebrow grooming. I'd been hiding them behind bangs. Hoping no one looked. But yikes this is awesome! And really not that painful.

Guess when I read the part of my Sourcebooks contract that told me I had to get head shots for publicity, I decided I better shape up. Soon. So when SPARK is on the shelves in '09, please look at the picture on the jacket and tell me how fab my eyebrows look.

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Anonymous said...

I relate. I have had one pedicure. It was real nice! One of my pals got for me. She went with me.
But I never have manicures cause I hate the feel of nail polish..feel like I can't breathe. Then I have an issue with people touching I have never gone for a massage. Here is the worst thing that SUCKS about getting old...when your chin hairs turn gray so you can't see them but you can feel them and you can't find them with tweezers! I need my whole face waxed when I do the brows I feel like! bex

Kim said...

I LOVE pedicures. I'm also not a fan of manicures. My nails never get long enough (my opinion only). BUT, Amanda and I are doing the whole mani-pedi thing when I get to Texas (IN 11 DAYS!!). I can't wait.