Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday and Grrrrl Power

Happy Monday!
In the great old American tradition, I am still full from yesterday's Super Bowl party. Specifically: spinach dip, cheese ball, sweet/sour meatballs and homemade thin crust sausage and onion pizza. Plus crackers. And a few carrots to round out the food groups.

And I picked the winning team and part of the final score! So there ya go.

Plus Madonna. Okay, the marching... I could have done without the marching. And the guy in the dress/toga/thing on the wire? I was nervous for him. But Madonna. The girl still has it. Serious stamina and IN SHAPE. And the commercial right after? Betty White.

So here's what I'm saying: There are two ways to go in the aging process: Madonna/Betty White reinvent/work at your craft/have fun out there. OR: Meemaw sitting around watching Dancing with the Stars.

Now I know this is a vast overgeneralization. There's lots of space in the middle. And I mean no offense to any readers who are DWTS fans. I have to admit I've watched on occasion myself.

But this is what I'm thinking this morning.

Thoughts? Let me know how you see it.

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Kristin Rae said...

Interesting thoughts! You're definitely onto something. I look at the older rockstars (like Steven Tyler for example) and see what they're wearing, the moves they still have. They work hard, and I think they're all the better for it.