Thursday, February 16, 2012

HAUNTED Blog Tour coming and other Good News

So things are heating up on the ANASTASIA FOREVER front. I have an exact release date-- 8/01/12!! ARC's are headed to production. The cover is being finalized. I've seen it now and it is TO DIE FOR!! You are all going to fall in big huge, slobbery love over this sexy, spooky cover. I want to show it to you right now. But, Editor Leah says I can't quite do that. And she's the boss. So hang in there. Soon, my pretties. Very soon.

Til then, something even more fantabulous!!

Katie of Mundie Moms and I and some of those fabulous Texas book bloggers that I've been raving about have partnered for a "Have You Read HAUNTED?" Blog Tour starting Monday 2/20. Because what better time to make sure everyone has read book 2 than when book 3 is almost here?

So just head on over to the Mundie Mom's website for the full deets.

And check out the HAUNTED book trailer that's right here on this blog.
Remind yourself how sexy awesome blue-eyed Ethan is!
And how brave and wonderful Anne is!
And get back into the spooky, sexy world of DREAMING ANASTASIA again... or for the first time. Baba Yaga. The rusalka. Tragic Anastasia Romanov. A star-crossed romance of epic proportions.

We start on Monday 2/20 at Cari's Book Blog with an interview with me!
Tuesday, 2/21 we'll head over to Mundie Moms for a review.
And onward from there.

I'll keep you posted each day.
And I'm so excited.

History never tells you everything....


cwexy said...

I can't wait - I adore both Anne and Ethan - and I really hope that I am still on the ARC list . . . I really miss my bookstore! Sigh . . .

Emily said...

Can't wait to see it! How exciting for you...congrats!