Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random Wednesday

Yup. It's random Wednesday. Let's chat random things that come to mind. I'll start. You guys chime in!

1. I used to play the viola. I was actually pretty good.
2. I just spent a ridiculous amount of cash on a pair of Cole Haan brogans that I love. But to justify the purchase you will see me wearing them with everything I own. Be warned.
3. What has happened to small, regular sized packs of Twizzlers? I don't want the GIANT size.
4. Lost Girl is good. Thank you, Canada. But it does steal plot lines from Buffy so overtly that even my husband has noticed.
5. Going to the dog park is like a flash back to going to the play ground. And I'm just saying... if you have a pit bull puppy and you name it Patron, I'm going to assume that you have a certain set of expectations for your dog's behavior that might not mesh with mine.

Okay. Your turn!


Kristin Rae said...

Ohhh the dog park. We had to stop taking our dogs there. Too many people break the rules letting their tiny dogs in with the big ones, then get mad that my dogs want to eat them. One lady even swatted one of my dogs with a leash. Hello, no. Get your dog in the little park where it belongs. Rant over. LOL.

Haven't heard of Lost Girl. Sounds like I might need to look into it.

Emily said...

What is this Lost Girl? I must check it out.

My random fact:
Today I was at the convenience store with my four-year-old when she started screaming. Not sure what was wrong, my Mom senses kicked in and I grabbed an empty big gulp cup, held it under her chin where she promptly threw up.

Do I get the Mom-of-the-year award or what?

*nervously awaiting the next kid to get sick*

Joy Preble said...

Nothing says motherhood like the willingness to catch your own kid's vomit. Even if you don't have a convenient Big Gulp cup!

And yeah, the dog park... I'll go again, but I'm wary. Lyla is still a shy girl and that pit bull was wayyyy too rough. But she's a solid log of 40 pounds so she can't play with the little dogs. Eventually she buddied up with a 4 month boxer pup and they batted at each other and ran like wild women.