Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If it's Tuesday it's time for a HAUNTED excerpt

Tuesday HAUNTED BLOG TOUR stop takes us to Christin's Portrait of a Book, with another excerpt from HAUNTED, this one from Ethan's point of view. After becoming mortal again in DREAMING ANASTASIA once Anne initially rescues Anastasia from Baba Yaga's hut, Ethan leaves at the end of that book. His life has not been his own for so very long, and despite his passionate feelings toward Anne, he heads back to Europe to brood. In his absence, in that interesting space that exists between books, Anne has acquired Ben - her very normal, very sweet lifeguard boyfriend. Anne wants normal soooo badly. Saving Anastasia did not go well. People died; others were hurt; Anne is something else now - something powerful and different. And she wants no part of it. Easier to make up with Ben.

Only then in the beginning of HAUNTED, Ethan returns. Tall, dark, brooding hottie walks back in Anne's life and sparks the craziness to begin again. Of course, it's already begun. The mysterious rusalka's already been haunting Anne. And when Ethan arrives, everything ratchets up: the sexy pull of him; the feelings between them. And the danger. Lots of danger ahead. Suddenly the rusalka is luring normal Ben into the deep end. And Ethan is diving in to save him. And Anne's BFF Tess thinks it's all Ethan's fault.

The story races on from there.

Enjoy your excerpt today!
Get a copy of HAUNTED if you haven't read.
Tomorrow, last stop of the tour with an interview at Once Upon a Twilight.
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