Thursday, February 23, 2012

HAUNTED BLOG TOUR: Let's Read an Excerpt

Today Sarah's Books and Life is hosting the HAUNTED BLOG TOUR with an excerpt from Anne's first chapter in the book!

Like DREAMING ANASTASIA and like the forthcoming ANASTASIA FOREVER, HAUNTED has three narrative voices. In this second book, we see the story through Anne, Ethan and Baba Yaga the witch. You get a little glimpse of the witch through this excerpt from Anne's point of view, although Baba Yaga's own narration goes deeper into her backstory. Here we see Anne realizing that she can no longer hide from the destiny that set in motion when she met Ethan. Later, we'll see how and why Baba Yaga became what she is, a story that will continue into book 3. I loves me a good villain, but I like my villains in that gray areas: I want to know why they do what they do. And If I work up a bit of sympathy for them, that's all the better.

The rusalka is also introduced here -- this other Russian folkloric creature that's screwing with Anne's life and connected to her in ways that will surprise all involved.

Somehow, with the DREAMING ANASTASIA series, I always knew it needed more than one point of view. And so even when I scribbled that long ago first draft, writing in between classes and on yellow legal pads until I could get back to my laptop, writing at football games and even once sitting in the paper gown waiting for a doctor's appointment because that was the only ten minutes I was going to have that day, I always saw these novels as both Anne's and Ethan's. Eventually, I realized that the magic three would extend to the narration as well and added a third different voice to each book. Anastasia in book 1. Baba Yaga in book 2. And upcoming, Viktor in book 3. Because the guy's found a way to get his immortality back. So I figured we needed to know what he was thinking...

Click above to read the excerpt.
Check out the HAUNTED trailer on Sarah's site or right here on my blog.
And enjoy!

Tomorrow, I'll be back at Mundie Moms with an interview.
And then Saturday, Girls in the Stacks is doing a review.


Tomorrow, I'm also talking about other stuff I've been doing: SCBWI Austin, last night's author event at Blue Willow where I got to finally meet Beth Revis!! Who was just as funny and delightful as everyone had said she'd be! And who was excited to meet me, too, which is always a rush.

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