Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer and Five for Friday!

Summer!! In honor of the Summer solstice, make sure that you:
1. Read SOLSTICE by PJ Hoover
(And congrats to Jess Capelle, who won the free SIGNED COPY!! in my giveaway!)
2. Come on out to The Woodlands Mall B&N this Sunday 6/23 at 2 for the Texas Teen panel with PJ Hoover, me and Mary Lindsey! I will give you Dove chocolate.

And now five for Friday!

1. Because it is summer, I am thinking of ice cream. Here's the thing about ice cream places: I don't want a scoop of ice cream as big as my head that costs as much as my mortgage. So thank you Baskin Robbins for still serving normal size scoops on ordinary sugar cones at ordinary prices. And some of my favorite flavors are the same as they have been my entire life: Jamoca Almond Fudge. Peanut Butter Chocolate. Butter Pecan. Weirdly although I despise coconut in most things, I find it sort of tasty in ice cream.

2. Made it to the pool for the first time this week. I am absolutely sure that I never put on the appropriate amount of sun block. But I lie and say that I do. I think sun block is like flossing your teeth in this regard.

3. Joss Whedon's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is finally here in my little suburb! In the theater closest to me!  The one that pretends it is a theater that shows indie movies but mostly shows 3 screens of Fast and Furious 11. (Not that I am dissing the franchise. Just that if you advertise that you are all CineArts, then you should show the CineArts films for more than one showing on a random Tuesday night at 5:30. I'm just saying.

4. And speaking of Joss Whedon, did you know that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to be a tv series?Cheers to that!

5. I need new sexy sandals. Perhaps in honor of the first day of summer, I will play hooky from the laptop, eat ice cream, go see Much Ado and then buy shoes.

Happy Summer!

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