Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If It's Tuesday, Let's Talk TV

As the Roecker sisters and I know, there is no place in pop culture so low that we won't go there. In fact, we don't consider it low at all, our Bravo habit-- which is also shared by many other spectacular humans such as S&S art director Lucy Cummins who is a walking Wiki of Housewives trivia, something I discovered with great glee while we waited for her luggage when I was her ride to the SCBWI conference.

In related matters, my husband was not allowed to watch TV on school nights when he was growing up. You'd figure I'd have gotten over the shock of this by now, but it still comes up -- as things in long term marriages tend to do. (This includes but is not limited to: "Those shoes need to be thrown away" and "Why is it you won't eat cherry tomatoes?" and other thrillers)

So... in case you are at the edge of your seat wondering what shows I'm obsessed with lately, summer version:

  • Waiting, waiting, waiting for the new season of Covert Affairs, which doesn't start up until July. I cannot express enough, my love for this show. Annie and Augie and Eyal and... if you are not watching this spy show, YOU MUST. (in related matters, some day I need to catch up on The Americans. I loved the two eps I watched. But I have a job, people! I have books to write!)
  • Am somewhat invested in the new season of RHONJ. Why? Because you just can't turn away. At least I can't. I CAN'T! (and where is RHONY? Andy Cohen, get on this)
  • On the fence about Long Island Princesses. So far, I'm in for the season. Because really they had me at "Girls weekend with Shabbat dinner and then huge fights" And I do want to find out what happens with the one who stole everyone's boyfriend when they were in high school. Plus they live at home and LIKE IT. I am fascinated and repelled at the same time.
  • Catching up this summer with GAME OF THRONES -- books and HBO show. We don't have HBO. Yes, I know - we're the only ones. Whatever. I LOVE this show. I am late to the party. Just don't talk to me about it until September.
  • AWKWARD -- season finale coming. God, I love this show. LOVE. Thank you MTV.
  • The Glades on A&E -- watched for first time. I'm not obsessed, but I like it. Quirky enough for me.
There is more.... of course there is more.

But I have revisions to do. 



Valia Lind said...

Covert Affairs seriously need to HURRY UP!!! I love that show!!! And I need to watch this season of Awkward and Game of Thrones.
Also, Teen Wolf is back. ALL KINDS OF HAPPY!

Joy Preble said...

Oh yes, TEEN WOLF! I have not watched consistently but I do like it when I tune in. And also on Bravo, Watch What's Happening Live is like the best live talk show from NYC ever. Shotsky!