Wednesday, June 12, 2013


All sorts of great shenanigans brewing here.

  • It is officially summer because I got my pool pass yesterday! The great thing is that you can use any of the pools in our community, some of which are normal pools and others of which are like a mini water park. Perhaps it is time for that Lazy River...
  • Tomorrow, I will be joining authors Cynthia Leitich Smith, PJ Hoover, Janet Fox and author/editor Deborah Noyes for an author hangout chat on the Candlewick Google+ Hangout Page. Cyn talks about it HERE, giving all the deets. You do have to sign up for Google+ to participate, but if I could do it,  you know it's easy!
  • Got two awesome reviews yesterday for THE SWEET DEAD LIFE! Both Jack and Jill Magazine and School Library Journal have given TSDL their stamp of approval.  You can read the Jack and Jill review HERE.
  • And here is part of the SLJ review. I am so thrilled!
This colorful tale of Texas teens vs. comically juvenile adults moves quickly and is never short on laughs… Preble's narrator is spot-on, and readers will relate to her as she speaks, acts, and behaves like a 14-year-old. Although several questions are left unanswered, they don't detract from the story; if anything, they lend credibility. After all, some subjects are too complicated for a cookie-cutter ending. The Sweet Dead Life is a great addition to any collection. ~School Library Journal

Coming later this week:
  • It's the One Without An Animated Bat: A reprise of the DREAMING ANASTASIA series to celebrate Amazon's Kindle special. Starting 6/13, for the next couple weeks, you will be able to buy the e-book of DA for $1.99 and HAUNTED and ANASTASIA FOREVER for $2.99 each. Spread the word!

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Unknown said...

Gah! I want to join the author hangout but my webcam Sucks with a capital S. Please let Janet Fox know that both me and my mother LOVED Sirens, and thanks so much for that giveaway aaaaaages ago :)