Wednesday, October 17, 2007

barely standing

I've had it with the pace lately. Seriously. I am exhausted. Just woke myself up from a legitimate nap. No, not a fall asleep while grading papers or watching something, or slump head down on laptop and wake up hoping I didn't drool all over it nap. But a just couldn't move any more, covered up with a blanket cause it was too much to make it to bed nap.

And why? Because like everyone I know - and I mean everyone - there's too much to do squeezed into too little time. Trying to write while working full time with overloaded classes mostly works out for me. I simply sleep less and multi task more and get it done somehow.

But this week's been a killer. At school early twice for parent conferences. Do you know that morning conferences start at 6:50 AM? I barely know my name at 6:50 AM, much less why Johnny isn't doing what he should be. This morning, while the rest of the staff proctored the PSAT, the English dept. - well some of us - sat and graded benchmark test essays and short answers. Think I evaluated about 170 or so essays and equal amount of short answers. (won't be discussing the whole issue of benchmarks here. it will just make me steam) Then after teaching the rest of the day, went to dentist so they could remind that I inherited crummy gums and poke and prod a bit. Why do they always poke you in the gums with a sharp tool and then berate you for bleeding? And besides, don't they remember the whole crown debacle, for which they were wholely at fault, that caused me to chew only on the left side for a solid month? Don't they?

And who hasn't sat on that chair, with the lobster bib hooked around your neck and lied your ass off about how much you floss? :: I swear I floss twelve times a day. Really::

Til next time...

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