Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If you're happy...

Our journal today in Creative Writing was to list things that make you happy. And in one of those moments that make you go hmmmm...., in my other classes, getting ready in some to study Antigone and others to study Macbeth, we were talking about tragedy. And how the ancient Greeks believed that everyone would have suffering in their lives. That it wasn't tragic. It just was the way it was.

I'm with the Greeks, really. I think we all spend way too much time "navel gazing" and worrying about why we're not happy. Maybe it just isn't our moment today. Maybe it's okay if we're a little gloomy. (Garrison Keillor talks about this a bunch. He's way funnier than I am at this moment. So feel free to reference him if you like...) But honestly, my genetic pool simply doesn't allow me to trust anyone who smiles all the time. I simply figure they drank too much of the purple koolaid and try to ignore them. (if you aren't old enough to get that last reference, look up Jim Jones and Guyana)

That being said, I still have a long list of happy stuff. On it currently:

1. Being represented for the past year by my lovely agent Michelle Andelman of the Andrea Brown Agency. Michelle believes in me and my books and projects. She trusts me to revise. She has an uncanny way of seeing the bigger picture of my pitches even before I fully see it myself. In short, she rocks!
2. the cool weather we've been having. Cool as in below 60 in the mornings, sometimes below 50. Sweaters. Tights. The occasional pair of boots. Yay! It's not "real" fall, but it's close enough.
3. Laughing with my kid on the phone or in person. Darn funny boy, my guy. He "gets me" too. And sometimes he even lets me steal pieces of his life and stick them in spots in stories.
4. Wine on the porch with our next door neighbors. Talk, laugh, sip. Divine.
5. Husband calling this afternoon to check on me because he knew I was worried about something. Good guy, that guy of mine.
6. True friends. 'nuff said on that one. Lots of wanna -be ones out there. But the tried and true ones who are always there. More precious than anything.

I've got tons more. Good movies, good friends, speed dial, Gilmore Girl DVD's...

Not a bad little life, this one. And I know it.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

what makes me go :-)mmmmmm
1.lingering at the dinner table after we have eaten and talk about deep issues with our kids.
2.realizing that Jeff puts up with my slothness and gaining girth
3. a day off with all the family home
4. my last dunk in the Mikvah when I pray for my kids/family/friends
5.having Shabbos or Pesach guests
6. waking up each day

Oh Joy, I really am the purple kool aid drinker. I look for happiness every day! In my line of work I see people die every day it seems...and see how they lived...what they spent money on, how did their kids love them, who calls before the ink is dry on the death cert etc. I have to live each day!

I wish I was your neighbor!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thoughts:
1)Glad the nearly-Fall weather stuck around long enough for trick-or-treating.

2)I go home to my own house. Every day. This is still a huge deal for me -- Probably for my parents, too! ;)

3)My children are twisted. But in the good way. It makes me laugh with them (and at them) regularly.

In total agreement about people who are just too happy to be real.
How do you know what sweet really is if nothing is ever sour or bitter? Too much of anything is out of balance, IMHO.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was your neighbor too!! REALLY!!! (Actually, I wish you were MY neighbor). Life is good.