Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Okay, loyal poster and friend Beth is right. Chuck! Monday nights. NBC. It is the best. Plus Adam Baldwin. The facial expressions alone are worth the time watching. Yes, Chuck. Working for the Nerd Herd. Reluctant hero. Sucked me in after ten minutes. And honestly, made up for Claire Bennett's whining on my former favorite Heroes. Oh, poor Claire. Cutting off your pinky toe just to see if you can. Well, okay... but whatever. And why is the Rouge gone? Cause Nissan is no longer the exclusive sponsor?

Chuck - you had me at Adam Baldwin (Jayne!!! Oh how I miss Firefly and that other set of reluctant heroes...)

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

admit..we watched was so lame it was funny...try to watch it with an Anthropology major ( adriel). It is like wacthing the US Open with Tiger Woods. But we cracked up when the line about dating non cavemen gals was " keep your penis in the genus".
The Adriel told us something that homo sapiens and neanderthals ( of course she pronounces it with a T)..are the same genus but diffferent speices..something like that...oy!I amo sort of losing interest in heros, except I like Hero's storyline of the old fairy tale he is in.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it.