Sunday, October 28, 2007

In which I avoid work and enjoy the day

Should have been grading and/or writing this morning. Instead, I was finishing Before I Die by Jenny Downham, which I mentioned the other day. Had started reading it a couple weeks back and then hadn't had the time to finish. But once I got to chapter 31, I couldn't put the book down. Was weeping by the end. I have not been this emotionally wrecked by a book in a very, very long time. And that includes my weepiness at the lovely epilogue on HP 7. Simply put, this book is wrenching. Tessa Scott is sixteen. She is dying. And she wants to live. But it isn't going to happen. That's not giving anything away. The book jacket tells us as much. But it is a book as much about life as it is about death. If you want a more eloquent review, the NY Times has a lovely one, which I should probably link here, but am not going to fiddle with at the moment. May go back when I have a few more seconds. But suffice it say, this is not a book that will leave you anytime soon. And as the NY Times reviewer notes, it's labeled YA cause the protagonist is 16, but it's a book that transcends any label. (Actually, I think that can be said for most older YA, but that's another conversation)

Followed that up by our trip to the Hobby Center to see Avenue Q, the "puppet musical." It too, is about life and all its ups and downs, esp. for the post college 20 somethings. Loved the song "It Sucks to be Me." Loved most of it, actually. Funny, a little poignant, certainly grossly irreverant, which is perfect for me. Even the set is sort of the anti-Sesame Street. Rude, very adult puppet people. Worth the price if you get a chance.

Anyway, now I'm playing catch up with all I have to do. Including getting a jump start on my commitment to my own NaNoWriMo, which will be to finish by current WIP by Nov. 30th. Yes, I know that's sort of cheating to start early, but it's all for a good cause - finishing!
Have some students who will be WriMo-ing with me. We will see how we all fare... And if you don't know the acronym, November is write a 50,000 word novel in a month time. A worthy but lofty challenge.

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

Ryan and Amanda were at Avenue Q yesterday also!! Too bad we didn't know. They loved it. We see it here in December. Next Saturday we're seeing "Spelling Bee" - I'm excited!

P.S. - Mr. Hennessey took his team to a tournament this weekend (someplace local - I can't remember where). They took 1st place!!! Woo hoo!!!!!