Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Love is in the air

If you are the romantic type... or perhaps even if you're the cynical type - take yourself to see Jane Austen Book Club. No, I didn't read the book. But I've read some Austen and even if you haven't, well, it's a delightful couple of hours. Personally, I wallowed in it all. Love, in all its many, many incarnations. Or at least some of them.

Who are we? Suckers for love, marrying over and over and never giving up on finding "the one"? Afraid to let go of the familiar and take the leap? Been hurt and want to forget about it all? Ready to give up on the one we used to love but aren't sure if we do anymore? Hopelessly romantic? Romantically hopeless?

Love is a factor for all my characters, all my books. What we do for love. What we'll sacrifice for it. What we won't. What did for it and might now regret. How it informs all we do and all we are.

Personally, I'm the cynic who's always hoping for that happy ending.

Where do you fall in the world of love?

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

I answer one me and Jeff's chai anni today.
We waited till almost 27-28 to marry/way old! We only knew each other for less than 6 months before we were under the chuppa.
But we knew..Our love works for one main reason, as we both say...he/she puts up with my crap////I put up with his juvenile ways ( which I find cute) he puts up with my slothness and untidy ways.
we balance each other out. we don't argue...when the kids hear us discussing something with fervor ( like a political thing!) they think we are fighting! And I remond them people don't laugh when they are my kids have never seen a parent fight so they are clueless what real parent fights are like! The only thing we don't agree on is his driving! bk